Frequently Asked Questions

Once I decide I like a band, how long can I wait before I book it?
It is best to book the band as soon as possible.  Our bands are sometimes booked over a year in advance and are secured by deposit on a first come first served basis.

Can I hold a band without a deposit?
As much as we would love to accommodate you, we cannot impede the booking ability of any of our bands by not showing them to every potential client.

What time does the band get there to set up?
The equipment and audio technicians arrive first approximately five hours prior to the reception. Please be reassured that the band will be set up and ready to play at the designated start time.

How many songs does a band play during the reception? 
Typically, a band can play approximately 40-50 songs during a four-hour time period.

How many breaks does the band take during the reception? 
The band usually takes no more than two breaks in a four hour period.

Will there be music during their breaks?
Yes.  The band will always supply a device loaded with music appropriate for all kinds of breaks.  Background music for earlier breaks and dance music for latter. You are always welcome to provide us with your own playlist.

What if I need to change the performance time that is on my contract?
Not a problem. Please let us know immediately so that we can inform the musicians.  This will avoid any possible scheduling conflicts.

Will de Bois Entertainment send the final timeline to vendors before the event?  Yes. The week of your event, we will email all of the vendors whose contact information you have provided us on your worksheet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Do you accept credit cards?
We can…but we have to charge an extra 3.5%.  Checks or bank wires are preferred.

What if I want the band to play overtime? 
No problem. Your contract will indicate the cost per half hour for overtime of the band.  If you decide that you want the band to play beyond their contracted time, please let your bandleader know at the event.  We will invoice you after the following week.

Is tipping the band appropriate? 
Tips are not expected… but are certainly appreciated!

Can I give the band the final payment the day of my event?
No.  As your contract states, final payments are due ten days prior to your event.  Our bands do not handle any payments.

But what if the band doesn’t show up? 
This has not happened EVER in over thirty five years of business!  We take great pride in our reputation and only work with professionals.

What happens if one of the band members gets sick or unable to perform?
We will replace him/her with a musician of equal or better talent.

Does the bandleader act as an MC as well?
Yes.  Either the bandleader or the lead vocalists will emcee your event.  They are professionally trained to do so.

What will the band wear to my event? 
This is up to you. Normally our men wear Black suits with straight black ties and our woman wear elegant black attire…You could have them in just all Black, or something less formal, (casual, costumes, etc…)

What are the band’s power requirements?  
Most of our bands require three 20-amp dedicated circuits.

How much room does the band need?
This varies depending on the size of your band.  Typically, the minimum stage size is 8’x16’ for smaller bands and may go as large as 12’x24’ for larger bands.

Do I need to provide meals for the band? 
Yes. This will be indicated on your contract.  Most event sites sell ‘vendor meals’ which are much less expensive than what you would have to pay for your guests.

Does the band bring their own lighting or umbrellas? 
No.  Most venues & hotels will provide adequate lighting and umbrellas if necessary for the musicians (especially if they will perform outdoors).  Additionally, we ask that you please provide heaters for the band if the conditions are cold.  Keep in mind; if your guests are cold, your band is also cold!

What if I want the band to perform a song that is not on their list? 
If you have any special requests, please let us know AT LEAST four weeks PRIOR to your event. The bands will learn up to 3 new songs just for your event.

Will we have a chance to speak with our bandleader prior to the event?
Usually not as we act as the liaison between our musicians and our clients.  Many of our musicians maintain a hectic schedule.  We are in constant communication with them regarding your event.  If there are specific concerns that need to be addressed by your bandleader, we will gladly pass along the information.

Do I need to speak to Randy each time I call the office with questions or concerns? 
No.  We have a staff of event coordinators that can answer most of your questions and address any of your concerns.